Good Day Educators!

For EdTech 513 this week, I created an introductory podcast.  I introduced myself, the topic of my podcast and I also discussed 3 recent news articles, concerning Educational Technology.  All 3 articles are from The Journal and were posted yesterday, on March 10, 2016.

The first article is entitled, NWEA Launches MAP Assesment iPad App, witten by Leila Meyer. This article discusses why the app was created and how it can help teachers.  In addition, students can complete the MAP or MPG assessments on touchscreen media, sending results to their teachers, immediately.  This information is then used to adapt the student’s learning to promote growth.  Further information can be found at the NWEA site.

In the second article, Report: Detachables to Drive Tablet Growth Through 2020, written by Joshua Bolkan, the International Data Corp (IDC) forecasts increased use and creation of detachable tablets.  Tablets below 9″ screen size will decline, while 9″ – 13″ are expected to experience growth.  In addition, unless Android and chrome are more closely aligned, Windows may be the best option. This information is useful for school districts, looking to purchase computers or tablets, because they need to understand upcoming technology and options available, based on the media’s longevity, usability and price.

The last article provides insight to the US Education Department’s $1.1 billion career technical education (CTE) makeover, in U.S. Education Department Makes Push for $1.1 Billion in CTE Funding, by David Nagel.  Priorities for the re-authorization include: (1) Alignment with the needs of the current labor market, (2) Greater collaboration between schools, Post Secondary institutions and employers, (3) Improved academic – employment outcomes and (4) Increased state and local involvement. The full article can be viewed at


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