Code of Professional Ethics in Educational Technology

This week for EdTech 501, I wrote a position paper on the AECT code of ethics, specifically concerning AECT Code 1, Number 7, which states, “In fulfilling obligations to the individual, the member shall promote current and sound professional practices in the use of technology in education” (AECT, 2007).    

I have been in uncomfortable situations where teachers or paraprofessionals have only allowed students to use technology during a short break, recess or as a reward and have not integrated it into their lessons, appropriately.  This is not acceptable and doesn’t follow the AECT code of ethics stated above.

In completing this assignment, I found that there may be 3 main barriers affecting technology integration in schools today: (1) Teacher education or Professional Development, (2) Regular collaboration with peers & (3) Access to appropriate technology, coupled with a lack of network support.

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