Module 6 Blog

     The technological & pedagogical knowledge that I have learned throughout this course has been very valuable and has allowed me to develop further as a future online course facilitator.  This knowledge gain consists of instructional course design (keeping time for maintenance and improvement/ updates in mind), course management strategies (ie: call log), Andragogy & adult learning theories (independence), recognizing LMS imitations, creating quality rich media tutorials, online teaching & learning strategies & models (Community of Inquiry), blended & flipped learning limitations & strengths, and last, but not least, properly developing a quality online course that is composed of appropriate (s) Structure, (2) Content, (3) Processes, and (4) Outcomes.

   Taking this course while enrolled in Ed Tech 512 has definitely been conducive to earning a certificate in Online Teaching, as I have been able to learn & study this subject even more than I would by taking only a single course.  In addition, as an online adult learner, myself, I find that many of the concepts that were studied applied to my own learning, and I believe that can be a positive factor; understanding what your own students are going through while completing their online courses.

   In the near future, I will definitely share my Ed Tech artifacts with my coworkers and friends. I would like to continue to receive constructive feedback even after I have earned my Master of Educational Technology degree, and I may consider implementing my course artifacts as a start to my online teaching career.

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