Post-project Reflection

The culminating event is over, the project presentations have been presented, groups and peers have been evaluated, reflection journals are in. Is the PBL experience really over? Absolutely not. One of the most powerful forms of assessment and project evaluation is the post-project reflection. Use the resources from this week to assist you as you think about how you intend to debrief your PBL experience (Dr. Baek, EdTech 542).

Assessing a project based lesson is very important, because if that does not occur, the same project would become mundane to the teacher using it and therefore expired and uninteresting to the subsequent students completing it. Additionally, times change! Therefore, documents, links, ideas and resources need to be updated, along with rubrics,m standards and Formative & Summative assessments.

To really assess the project, I believe that peer educators should take part in the lesson’s entry event and be provided background.  Then, they should periodically view the project during the process, taking notes, to better help the teacher understand what they really thought and observed. In addition, they should be brutally honest, where constructive criticism should be taken as such and used to improve upon the lesson, time after time.



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