PBL Research

gardenAs I searched for PBL involving elementary Mathematics, I found that there were many lessons available for older students, and some lessons didn’t include technology.  Overall, I believe there are probably thousands of PBL out there, but that would take many hours to research.


Being that I am not teaching currently, just retiring from the Army after 18 years, I believe that my teaching style would allow me to effectively complete PBL in my classroom. I enjoy getting to know an understand students, de-conflicting possible student differences and including everyone in group work, so no one “gets off easy”.

I will adapt a garden plot PBL that I found on Teach21 for my EdTech 542 Project this first 7 week summer semester at BSU. I believe that it is important to understand how our food is grown, cared for and harvested, and this is an important life skill that everyone should learn about and understand so they can grow their own food or apply this knowledge to their future careers.

Project Based Lesson Forms:



Student Learning Guide



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