EdTech Definition Graphic

Teachers nowadays are expected to teach almost everything to students, from appropriate manners to completing Algebra problems and even planting gardens…and now, Technology.  Educational Technology can mean different things to different people, and for some, make no sense at all. Why is this term so mysterious?

I believe the term, Educational Technology, is a newer idea for educators and parents, that isn’t easily defined.  I believe there are many adults who believe technology is either a cell phone, tablet or desktop computer and therefore, these individuals have trouble understanding how technology can be integrated into a child’s education, other than to play online games or watch educational clips.  Also, I believe that older generations most likely have a difficult time imagining its importance when they had little technology available to them while they were in school (and walked uphill both ways to school in a blizzard; horrible Minnesota weather, my Dad tells me…).

Educational Technology, in my opinion, is using technology, either hardware or software or a combination of both, to further a child’s education.  Due to the massive amount of terminology within its definition, I chose to represent it as an Iceberg.  An iceberg looks small at first, but below the surface is the majority of its definition. Additionally, not understanding its definition or applying it to a student’s educational destination, will “sink” a student’s future, employability and overall benefit to society.

My Prezi: EdTech Definition Graphic


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