School Evaluation Summary

Completing the school evaluation summary was more difficult than I thought it would be, due to the subcategories being quite specific and also some seemed to crossover into another subcategory.  I didn’t want to provide similar comments for these, not only to avoid repeating myself but to provide more accurate information within my survey.

This assignment reminds me of my Intelligence Officer days where we had to go around our unit facilities on base and critique specific areas and assign values, which would provide a ranked order of physical security/ force protection needs. In the end, I believe the Commander would do what he wanted to do regardless of our assessment, but it was good practice for us to complete the process. At least that’s what we told each other.

This makes me wonder if technology needs in school systems that have scarce budgets, rural locations or limited staff would look at this survey that someone has worked so hard on to inform a school district of its technology needs and then disregard its importance. I hope that is not the case and school officials do apply these results to produce informed and well-educated students that can compete in a world run by technology.

Link to my School Evaluation Summary

Link to my Technology Maturity Benchmarks Rubric

Link to my Maturity Benchmarks Survey Sheet


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