EdTech 513: Course Reflection

When I started the course, I was a bit nervous. Retiring from the Army 1 year ago, I have had little experience as a classroom teacher, and a lot of experience as an Intelligence Officer. However, when I look back to the beginning of EdTech 513, 16 weeks ago, I feel that I have learned a ton of valuable information!

Multimedia Principles were most useful to me and I wish I would have been provided these many years ago. I have sat through many long powerpoint briefings with hard to read text, large pictures that had little to do with the information on the slide, along with written out and verbally read, word-for-word explanations, just because that’s the way it was always done. I am so very glad that I received this material and took this course, so I do not make the same mistakes and can help provide worthwhile presentations to coworkers of mine in the future.

I believe my best artifact would be my lesson plan, including RSS feed and earthquakes. This is a topic that is interesting, provokes deep thought and is a concern to everyone living near a fault line or who have friends or relatives that live nearby fault lines. Additionally, this is something that can provide students with knowledge of effective online research, how to use RSS feed, how to analyze data and professionally present information to others.



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