Project #5: Worked Example Screencast

For my Worked Example Screencast, I decided to describe how to access, create, edit and share a Google Doc. This is something that was new to me at the beginning of this course, but now is second nature to me. I also think this is something that I will use later, either for peers or students, which will save them from a little grief.

While designing and narrating my screencast, I tried to be clear and relay information as simply as I could, so I wouldn’t be too fast or provide too much information that would confuse the viewer.

At first, I described what I would be doing in the screencast and its usefulness. Then, I broke up the process into 7 segments, to provide a break in between each step for the learner. I also illustrated what I was saying or pointed the listener to a specific area of the screen, with the help of callouts. I also worked to maintain specific technology verbage, such as link, button, etc.

Link to my Screencast Narration


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