RSS in Education

   Good Afternoon, everyone!

   I have created a lesson plan that is intended to teach elementary Math students about earthquakes, data analysis and graphing, while using technology. The technology used will be RSS (Real Simple Syndication) feed, Google Docs, tablets and computers, Google Earth and use of the school’s Wifi, Internet capabilities and smartboards.

   Additionally, students will learn how to conduct research from viable sources online, work together in groups, cite their references properly, compile and display information from their research to support their findings, compare notes with peer groups, and finally present their final project to the entire class.

This lesson integrates Science, Math and ELA, however for the Common Core Standards it addresses, I chose the following: (depending on your focus, you could add or delete standards)

  • Mathematics
    • Analyzing mathematical patterns and relationships
    • Using statistics to draw inferences and make comparisonsS
  • Science
    • 1.2 Understand Concepts and Processes of Evidence, Models, and Explanations
    • 1.3 Understand Constancy, Change, and Measurement
    • 1.6 Understand Scientific Inquiry and Develop Critical Thinking Skills
    • 2.2 Understand Concepts of Motion and Forces
    • 5.2 Understand the Relationship between Science and Technology

I hope you like what I have created and please provide me with feedback if you have time. Thank You!


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