Welcome to my Learning Log!

Welcome to my EDTECH Learning Log!

I am enrolled in EDTECH 501, 513 and 541, for the Spring 2016 semester at Boise State University, for a total of 9 Graduate credits. I am working towards the Master of Educational Technology degree, which I hope to receive by December 2017.  The classes are all online and use the Moodle site to instruct students, discuss ideas, post assignments, etc.

It is the first week of class and I have already created & posted quite a few things, such as a Weebly website that will focus on 3rd Grade Mathematics, an “I Am” Poem and a blog on WordPress to share my thoughts as I learn & achieve for EDTECH 541. Next, I have created a Pinterest board, learning log site and a Diigo account to access EDTECH 501 discussions and/ or materials. Last, I created an Animoto introduction for EDTECH 513 and will apply the learning log for this class, along with EDTECH 501.

Throughout the year, I will post blog comments, add more materials, references and links or embedded information so I can take what I’ve learned with me after graduation to share and update throughout my career as a teacher. I look forward to learning, meeting new colleagues and sharing ideas. Good Luck!


3 thoughts on “Welcome to my Learning Log!

  1. Gail, I think you may have introduced me to a theme I like better than the one I have chosen for my learning log. I love seeing the different things you’ve added and I assume these are a part of your work from other classes. It’s interesting to get some insight into some of the future work I will be involved in. Love your site.


  2. Wow I thought I was busy just having 501 and 502! Great looking learning log thus far! I look forward to seeing your work as the semester progresses. I liked your Vision Statement post!


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